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topheaderright Antyra The Next Generation in Biologicals

Antyra’s Mission

Antyra is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of the next generation of biologicals, called Peptimetics, which are target-specific therapeutics with improved safety and efficacy profiles. Antyra expects to complete an initial clinical trial with its lead program within 18-24 months. Antyra will use its robust drug discovery platform to become an “IND Generator”with the intention of submitting a minimum of 1-2 INDs per year for several disease indications.

Corporate Profile

Antyra has built its lead discovery on a unique therapeutic paradigm that is underpinned by the production and application of novel pharmacological entities called PeptimeticsPeptimetics are used by to analyze and modulate specific regions of protein: protein interactions designated HotSpots. The Company is using its proprietary Peptimetics to build a sustainable pipeline of innovative therapeutics for cancer and other diseases based on their ability to disrupt and intervene at critical disease-associated functions. Antyra has identified several noteworthy preclinical drug candidates and is anticipating the commencement of an initial Phase I clinical trial for its lead program, ANT-429, within 15-18 months. With this capability in place, the Company can offer unprecedented opportunities to develop therapeutics for any disease indication.  Given the broad potential of its proprietary discovery platform, the Company is also confident that it can attract productive and valuable licensing and partnering relationships.

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